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I have talked with people going through divorce with one person who wants to mediate and one person who does not. I would explain it this way: before you put $5,000 or $10,000 or more into the fireplace and throw in a match…wouldn’t you like to just consider another way to resolve these disputes? Sometimes divorcing couples are not as far apart on resolving issues as they think. But before making a decision about whether to consider settling through mediation or having an all out war through litigation, consider this.

Mediation costs way less than litigation, probably about 50-75% less. You would jump for joy at a sale price like that, wouldn’t you? Don’t you love a good sale? Mediation is confidential. Mediation is agreeable. No one forces a settlement on you. Mediation is a process and it can take some time. Mediation is private and can be conducted in person in an office or in your home by Zoom. Mediation does not involve any cross examination and no Perry Mason. There is no Judge in a mediation. There is no ultimate decision maker, it is just you and your spouse. Mediation is kinder, gentler and helps people move forward with some peace. Mediation empowers both sides to be creative and decide what works for them and their family. Get the data before you decide, give it a go, there is no downside. Have your spouse read this and get more information. More data usually results in making better decisions. And, if all else fails, tell your spouse you know how to get a divorce “on sale.”