Posted by Cindy Best on April 25, 2020

Mediation and the Safari Guide

Have you ever been to Africa? it is one of the coolest places on earth with elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, and rhinos. But you might not really want to go to Africa and see wildlife for the first time without a guide…you might get eaten. So, you make the decision to go, you hire a guide and you let your guide know that you would like to search for a hippo. Your guide has plenty of experience taking people to see hippos and seeing them safely. So, if you want to compare going through a divorce to an African safari, you might want to get a guide…perhaps a mediator who can help you navigate through the countryside and keep you safe. A really good mediator is creative, experienced, and will keep you safe. A good mediator will save you time, money and stress and focus on resolutions for you and your spouse so it can be a win win for everyone. A really good mediator will be a neutral third party who will get the job done. You have input, you have your ideas and directives but the mediator will help make it happen. And at the end of the day, you will be glad you had some help with navigation over some very tough terrain.