Posted by Cindy Best on March 8, 2022

Who can we help with Divorce Mediation?

You might be wondering if mediation is right for you and your spouse? For starters, a mediator is a third party neutral person who can help solve disputes and resolve issues. Our mediation is focused on helping people and families going through divorce. Almost no matter your situation, we can help.
No matter what, we can help.
1. You and your spouse have been talking about divorce but are not sure about the process.
2. You and your spouse have talked about getting divorced but you do not want to hire attorneys.
3. You and your spouse have talked about getting divorced but do not know what to do about your children.
4. You and your spouse have thought about separation but are not sure.
5. You and your spouse think you want a legal separation.
6. My spouse and I talked about nesting and we don’t want to live together.
7. We cannot stand each other but we need to get divorced.
8. We are no longer talking but want to get divorced but not pay for attorneys.
9. We have two kids and have never been married but are living apart.
10. My former daughter in law will not let me see my grandkids.
11. My husband wants a divorce but we cannot afford two attorneys.
12. My wife has been cheating on me and I am done but cannot afford an attorney.
13. My husband wants a divorce and I want spousal maintenance.
14. My wife moved to Ohio so I want to divorce her.
15. My boyfriend wants to see my baby son.

Best Mediation is for almost anyone in any family law situation. We can discuss the process with both parties and let you decide if the mediation process is right for you and your spouse. If mediation does not work, you will at least be glad you gave it a try. And if it does work, it will save you a ton of money and stress. And there is also the chance that some issues will be solved, even if not every issue is solved. Some people think mediation is not quite right for them but the option of litigation is clearly not very attractive. Sometimes trying to do your own divorce is like playing basketball and calling your own fouls. If you have even played pick up basketball, that does not always work out very well. That is why there are umpires and referees. So, give us a call and find out more about our mediation and how we can help.