Posted by Cindy Best on July 12, 2022

Ten Things to Know About Divorce Mediation

You might be going through a divorce or thinking of starting a divorce. Meditation is the least expensive, most controlled and quickest way to survive what can be a harrowing ordeal. Here is what to know:

1. A divorce can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000 or more depending on your assets and desire to fight and fight. Mediations cost about $300 per hour and are usually completed in a day and the papers cost about $1500-$2,000 to prepare and file.

2. Divorces in Arizona can last 6 to 24 months. Mediation can take a day and you can close your divorce in 60 days once you file and then finalize your terms and paperwork.

3. Judges really don’t get to know you nor can you give them lots of detail about your life. Judges need the basic facts to make basic decisions that you and your spouse cannot resolve. Most final trials take 1-3 hours. Yes, 1-3 hours to present your case and convince your judge to give you what you want and believe you deserve.

4. Judges cannot concern themselves with what a bad person your spouse is unless it impacts an issue in the case such as custody or marital waste.

5. Good mediators are usually Arizona licensed attorneys. They have to know Arizona law to help you settle.

6. Good mediators can mediatie if you have an attorney or if you do not have an attorney.

7. Attorneys who thrive on conflict instead of resolution will convince you to avoid mediation. (the longer a case lasts, the more you pay your lawyer)

8. You do not have to settle anything at a mediation that you do not want to settle.
It can either wait for another day or it could be a one issue trial. Or you could try mediation again.

9. You must know all the finances even if you mediate. The information you get is the same whether you mediate or go to court, in either circumstance. Documents are just easier to produce for a mediation.

10. Mediation is not a race, there is no rush. Settlement at mediation can mean you can avoid court. All you have to do is get your papers drafted and filed.