Posted by Cindy Best on May 19, 2020

We Just Want an Express Divorce

Let’s be honest. Divorce takes a long time because if you go the traditional litigation route there are steps and procedures you must follow to the letter of the law. It is really structured to be adversarial. In fact, one spouse actually has to “sue” the other spouse to begin the divorce process. That sets up fighting, if you allow it. So, what if that does not interest you? Mediation might be right for you. You can set the tone of the debates, find resolutions and short cut the process. For instance, in a typical litigation your attorney asks their attorney to give up documents that are then given to their lawyer who then gives them to your lawyer who gives them back to you…see what I mean? That sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it? So try this on: in a mediation: both parties just show up with all the documents and share them with each other. Easy peasy. Full disclosure without spending a dime. There are lots of differences between mediation and traditional litigation and you will be glad you considered mediation…and you might just get that express divorce you were hoping for.