Posted by Cindy Best on April 20, 2020

What is Mediation?

If you are going through a tough time and thinking about divorce you might be concerned about time, price, and stress. We think that going through a divorce without going to court might be your solution. So, what is mediation? Divorce mediation is a process for settling all the issues that come up during a divorce. There are going to be disputes that arise during a divorce and how you decide to handle those disputes determine how much your divorce will cost, how much stress you will have and how much money you will spend. A mediation process is guided by an attorney who focuses on understanding the disputes and helps the parties figure out a way to resolve them. It can be done in an office and during the pandemic it can be done by video. The person who guides the process knows how to help you divide your stuff, figure out what to do about house and all the options you have, and helps with a parenting plan that works best for you and your spouse. A mediator is a neutral third party who works with both people who make the ultimate decisions with just a little bit of help.