Posted by Cindy Best on May 5, 2020

Who is the Boss of Me?

If you have children, you might have heard this statement more than once as you asked your child to pick up their toys. And, as an adult you might have used that statement when someone tries to bully your or boss you around. In fact, believeĀ it or not; some people feel bossed around or even coerced at a mediation. The attorneys in the room and the mediator are all telling them to sign the documentĀ and just move on…sign now, not tomorrow. The other side might change their mind. Did the attorney and the mediator think that perhaps you might want to change your mind? Don’t you have a right to do that? Yes, you do. Something that sounds good with people urging you on might not sound so great in the light of the next day. Remember, there is no rush in mediation. You should take your time. You should make your own decisions after whatever reflection you deem necessary. And, remember in Best Mediation, you are the boss of you.