Posted by Cindy Best on February 15, 2022

Can I Get Divorced in Less Than 90 Days?

In Arizona,  the short answer is yes. How do you do it? One way is to use our mediation services to decide and divide all your assets and debts and how to parent your children. Once those issues are resolved, with the help of a mediator, you can then co-file a Summary Consent Decree. This allows you and your spouse to file all your documents at one time with the state court (in the Phoenix area, it is Maricopa County Superior Court) and then the court will calendar your matter for 60 days. Once the 60 days have passed, the papers will make their way to a Commission for signature. Once the final papers are signed, they will be mailed to each of you so you have a copy of the Divorce Decree and Property Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan if required.

One of the obvious keys to making this go fast is to get the cooperation of your spouse to decide all your issues. You can get ready to go to mediation by collecting all your information about your bank accounts, your vehicles, your retirement accounts and all your debts. If you have a house to divide, it is handy to review the deed (whose name is the house in) and the latest mortgage statement. There can be much discussion about how to divide the house and your mediator can help you with that. So, if you want to go fast, you really do have to go together.