Posted by Cindy Best on July 14, 2020

Tag Up

I used to coach Little League Baseball. I remember this one little guy who just never seemed to follow instructions every time we practiced and I told him to “tag up.” As soon as the batter hit the fly ball, the little guy would take off from first base. When he was tagged out and came sadly trotting back to the bench I asked him why he didn’t tag up. Did you hear me tell you to tag up, I asked? Yes, I heard you, but what does “tag up” mean? How do I “tag up?’ Here I thought the little guy just wasn’t paying attention but it was me who was not paying attention. Sometimes we tell people to just go to mediation and save money. But what does mediation mean? If you don’t explain it, who knows what different people think of that word. Mediation is a process to settle disputes. In the divorce world it means that you go to a person who is experienced as a mediator and they listen to both sides of what you and your spouse want out of the divorce and help you make agreements to settle things. The other option is to go to court and let a judge decide. Start by giving us a call so we can talk more about it and answer your questions. After all, you don’t want to keep being told to “tag up” until you know what that actually means.