Posted by Cindy Best on July 14, 2021

Mediation is Just A Way to Find Agreements

There is nothing difficult about you and your spouse deciding to go to mediation to solve your issues in a divorce. An experienced mediator will help you come to agreements about all the decisions that have to be made in a divorce. Some decisions you might obviously know you need to make but some decisions you might be unaware of. The magic of mediation comes with an experienced mediator who knows how to solve problems. Let’s pretend you both want to live in the house you own together. A creative mediator will ask enough questions to get you thinking about all the issues and finances involved with each person who thinks they want to stay in the house: can you buy out your spouse? can you afford it? are you eligible to refinance? can you afford the upkeep? is it too big? There are creative agreements that can be made about the house, you just have to brainstorm and work to figure it out. A mediator will be helpful because they know the legal issues involved and have helped solve this issue many, many times. A good mediator will work hard to find win win solutions to every issue. So, if you want to make agreements with your spouse for handling a division of the property, debts, finances, savings, retirement, investments, and children: agreement making  (mediation) is the route to choose.