Posted by Cindy Best on October 29, 2021

The Lone Ranger

Sometimes you might feel like the Lone Ranger as you go through your divorce and you wonder how you can do it alone. After all, it took the two of you to get married and as you can imagine, it takes two of you (usually) to participate to get divorced. What if you want to go to mediation but your husband does not want to go after hearing terrible stories about his buddy’s divorce? You are not going to be able to convince him that you are correct but you might be able to convince him that he should at least listen to a mediator and think about for himself. You both need to understand that a mediator does not force you to settle. You stay in control of driving the car. The mediator is more like a football coach. The coach wants the team (you and your husband) to win/settle. The coach has to help you try and figure out strategies to make that happen. But ultimately, you have to make the plays and do the work. Mediation saves money, time, and stress and leaves you making the final decisions. So, saddle up and give it a try.