Posted by Cindy Best on December 30, 2021

Do You Want To Buy Your Attorney a New Car?

If you would like to buy your attorney a new car, fight about every single issue, stop talking to your spouse, hire an attorney who loves to fight, make sure your lawyer does not return your phone calls or respond to the other attorney with settlement offers, argue with your spouse with your lawyers as the mouthpiece, send your attorney lots and lots of emails every time you are anxious, and hire an attorney who disdains mediation out of the gate. So, are these enough ways to buy your lawyer a new car? Or…decide to go to mediation right away, save all that money, negotiate and resolve to work on all issues until they are settled. You might still have an attorney but the process will be negotiated, not ligitigated. Your experienced mediator with Best Mediation is an experienced family law (divorce) attorney but as the neutral third party, the mediator stays away from the litigation arena. So you decide: pay for a mediator and make their car payment for a month or two…or pay for an attorney to litigate everything and buy them a brand new car.